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IRS Regulation Boot Camp includes CPRS Certification

Marianne Couch
29 Aug 2021
8:30 am-4:30 pm
Marianne Couch, J.D.

COKALA Tax Information Reporting Solutions, LLC

IRS Regulation Boot Camp includes CPRS Certification

With ever-changing federal legislative and regulatory requirements, any organization that is not knowledgeable and prepared to comply with complex regulations for Form 1099 tax information reporting of payments could face significant penalty assessments. The penalties and risks associated with noncompliance are onerous, and the burden is on you and your organization — not the IRS — to see that you are educated about regulatory updates. Ignorance of the law leaves you and your company exposed to costly penalties and legal fees.
Accurate payment reporting is a critical function in AP, and earning a certification in this area of Accounts Payable demonstrates to your employer that you are dedicated to achieving 100% compliance. Employees who have earned the CPRS designation can play a key role in ensuring accurate reporting and avoidance of penalty tax assessments — improving the bottom line and increasing your value to the organization.
This Workshop addresses in detail the Form W-9 solicitation, backup withholding, tax deposit and Form 1099 reporting requirements. It also reviews the IRS B-Notice and Penalty Notice procedures and includes a brief overview of Form 1042-S withholding and reporting requirements for payments to foreign vendors.

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